Not sure if I posted this. I wanted to write a fanfiction with Shota Matsuda and Erika Toda but never got a change to. Here is the cover though I created a while ago…..

Anonymous asked: Ngoài đời, "khờ khạo" và "dối trá" có thành 1 cặp ko ?



Sorry I don’t understand Vietnamese

In real life, are “Baka” and “Uso” a real couple?

Nop :”( Toda’s boyfriend is Ayano Gou and Shota’s girldfriend is the girl in Hard Romanticker =.=

Actually shota matsuda is single now and toda erika current boyfriend is the guy in summer nude, ryo katsuji

Anonymous asked: In real life, Toda and Shota is couple ?

No they are not unfortunately but they are good friends in real life

Anonymous asked: Ngoài đời, "khờ khạo" và "dối trá" có thành 1 cặp ko ?

Sorry I don’t understand Vietnamese

vanityandpearls asked: Hey! Hope you are well these days. Toda Erika and Matsuda Shota opened their own instagram accounts and Erika started following Shota soon after he got his :) This should disprove some of those rumors saying they don't get along with each other!

Yup I agree with you. They both follow each other.

Toda erika and matsuda shota has their own instagram and the cool thing is they follow each other! Erika doesn’t really follow much people but it’s cool that one of them is shota who you can tell recently joined.


Мацуда Шота.

Toda Erika and Matsuda Shota - You Who Came From the Stars

Lyn - My Destiny


Matsuda Shota,  Toda Erika   

21 がんばった大賞 14.03.24    海の上の診療所  NG  


NG Toda Erika with Matsuda Shora in Umi no Ue no Shinryoujo, Episode 7.

So cute Toda Erika, and Matsuda Shota.

Liar Game Season 2 Episode 6 - Nao looking at Akiyama for help

"After going through the liar game, I understood something. If you’re always honest, you cannot do anything. I promise to change"  — Nao

Liar Game Promotion

Fuck their face looks alike! Why can’t they do a (romance) series together???